Ultima Twist Dry Glove System
Ultima Twist Dry Glove System

Ultima Twist Dry Glove System


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Ultima Twist Dry Glove System

Waterproof has had the Ultima dry glove system on the market for a while now, and if it’s not the bestselling system out there, it’s absolutely one of the best. With it’s foolproof construction and proven functionality it has been the first choice for a lot of dry suit divers out there.

The new Ultima Twist version makes it even easier to put on and off, even in very cold conditions, without any Push-Pull system needed, just a simple twist…

The Waterproof Ultima Twist fits directly in all* Waterproof Drysuits with Integrated Silicone Seals, ISS. And it can also be mounted to all drysuits with fixed latex seals. The Gloves are easy to mount before diving. You can see, hear, and feel when the ring connects properly or when you disconnect it. This system is as close to “foolproof” as it gets! The solid rings on the suit and gloves can easily be mounted in advance. The Ultima Twist system can be attached to all drysuit latex seals to achieve a complete dry glove system.

*The Ultima Twist Dry Glove System does not fit directly into size 3XL, 3XL/t+ due to larger wrist rings. For these sizes, we recommend the Quick Glove system from SI TECH.

One set contains two suit rings, two glove rings, O-rings, two silicone covers, a lubricant, and a Combi Tool.

Gloves and silicone seals are not included.

Does the ULTIMA system fit my dry suit?
ULTIMA is a plug-and-play system that fits all existing Waterproof drysuits with ISS (Integrated Silicone Seal).
The system can also be mounted on suits with latex cuffs.

Gloves and silicone seals are not included.

Great for use in a number of our courses:

Dry Suit Diver

Deep Specialty

Dive Master

Great coupled with these products:

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DX7 Cordura by Waterproof

D3 Ergo by Waterproof


Mounting the ULTIMA DGS into a WP Drysuit

Mounting ULTIMA into a drysuit with fixed latex seals

Mounting ULTIMA in a WP drysuit with ISS

Glove on and off

Mounting dry glove on glove ring

O-ring lubrication


Push-Pull with Latex glove

Sizing Guides

Accessory Size Guide


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