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Deep Specialty

Deep Specialty

Deep Specialty


  • Minimum 15 years old
  • Medical Exam 


  • All gear necessary for the course is available for rental. This includes BCD (buoyancy control device), cylinders, regulators, fins. Students are responsible for providing their own mask and snorkel. 

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Explore the mystery of the deep


There is something exciting and mysterious about the deeper depths of our lakes and oceans. This specialty allows you to go beyond the limits of the PADI Open Water (60ft/18m max) or even PADI Advanced Open Water (100ft/30m max) certifications, allowing you to reach an interesting wreck or fascinating marine life that would otherwise remain out of your reach. 


You will obtain max depth certification of 130ft/40m.


During this course, you will learn:

    • Specialized deep diving equipment.
    • Deep dive planning, buddy contact procedures, safety considerations and buoyancy control
    • Managing your gas supply and dealing with gas narcosis