Body X | 2X
Body X | 2X

Body X | 2X


Pants and Sweater can be sold separately.

When designing the BODY X and BODY 2X, Waterproof was inspired by the structure of the fur of a polar bear living under extreme environmental conditions. BODY X and BODY 2X are made of a hollow fiber polyester fleece. It insulates far better than a regular fiber due to being hollow and filled with air. It is a material that achieves high thermal insulation without increasing weight.

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Drysuits are preferable to wetsuits when diving in cold water temperatures because they’re loose fitting, so you can wear plenty of drysuit undergarments for thermal protection.

While drysuits will keep you entirely dry on their own, they won’t keep you warm, so undersuit layers are especially important.

Great for use in a number of our courses:

Dry Suit Specialty

Rescue Diver

Deep Specialty

Body X | 2X Product Features:

MATERIAL – Newly developed power-stretch hollow fiber fleece undergarment of 90% Polyester and 10 % Elastane.

HOLLOW FIBER – Far better insulation than a regular fiber due to being hollow and filled with air, optimize the body climate.

WICKING – Excellent wicking properties pulling moisture away by capillary action, keeping the body dry.

ANTI-PILLING – Highly pill resistant brushed fabric. Tested according to ASTM D 3512. Grade 4.0.

THICKNESS – Available in two thicknesses: 285 g/m2 (BODY X) and 665 g/m2 (BODY 2X, One-piece).

ATOMICAL FIT – Designed for maximum anatomical fit. Gusseted crotch and armpit, slim waist with cord and extended tail enhance comfort and freedom of movement.

MODULARITY – Freedom of choice, available as top, leggings. You can choose different size and thickness for upper and lower body.

ZIPPER – YKK coil zipper with EasyGrip. (Body 2X One-piece)

GENDER – Gender-specific styling – Designed to provide comfort for both female and male divers.

WRIST AND ANKLES – Thumb and foot loops for easier donning of the suit.

POCKETS – Chest pocket with YKK coil zipper and EasyGrip puller. (Body 2X One-piece)

SNUG-FIT – Single layer fabric around wrists and ankles makes it easier to don and doff your suit.

OPTIONS – Preinstalled outlets for Pee Valve hose on both legs.
Preinstalled outlet for heating system cable.

PLASTIC-FREE PACKAGING – 100% plastic-free packaging in accordance with our vision of no more plastic in the oceans.

For a full product description see Waterproof’s Website: Body X | 2X

Sizing Guides

Male Sizing Guide

Ladies Sizing Guide


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