XDEEP Sliding D-Rings (Stealth Harness)
XDEEP Sliding D-Rings (Stealth Harness)

XDEEP Sliding D-Rings (Stealth Harness)


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The xDeep Sliding Metal D-ring Pair for Stealth Harness was designed to be installed on the sidemount harness in addition to the primary d-rings for optimal tank placements throughout the dive.

The Sliding D-ring can be pushed up and down the waist strap to desired by diver location and allows to adjust on-the-fly sidemount cylinder clip off point to compensate the change in tank buoyancy.

Its a simple yet durable part that will let sidemount diver keep the cylinders in perfect position throughout entire dive ensuring most streamline and comfort trim profile. xDeep stainless steel sliding d-rings will work with any 2″ wide nylon harness webbing.

Sold in pairs (2 d-rings and sliders per bag).

Great for use in a number of our courses:

PADI Sidemount Diver

PADI Advanced Open Water


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